Junior League of Louisville Podcast!!!!!

The Junior League of Louisville is excited to release their first collection of podcasts.  As the league works towards the 100th anniversary year, we hope to honor our history by telling the stories that detail the great work of various Junior League members. The Junior League of Louisville has a legacy of strong women who are true change makers in our city.  We hope to help share their stories and experiences.
Season one participants and their corresponding year of Junior League presidency are: Louise Rapp Wall (’63-’64), Emily Lawrence (’91-’92), Anita
Barbee Cunningham (’98-’99), Mary Sullivan (’04-’05), Christie
Lanier Robinson (’05-’06), and Mary Ellen Wiederwohl (’09-10).
To find the podcast, just search ‘Junior League of Louisville’ in the Apple or Android podcast apps.
Some of you may be asking – What IS a podcast?  and WHY did we do this?
Well, a podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. There are over 660,000 podcasts available with over a million episodes! Podcasts are kind of like, radio on demand.  We thought that this would be an excellent way to try to bridge the gap between stories of our legacy/history with early strong women in our Junior league, to the millennial generation.  
To find us, use your tablet or smart phone to download the ‘Podcast’ app. This app comes standard on most phones, but if you have deleted it, you may need to re-add.  Once the Podcast app is on your phone, just open it, and click the ‘Search’ icon at the bottom.  Search for ‘Junior League of Louisville.’  You will see our image! Click the image at the top, and then click the ‘subscribe’ button.  The season one of episodes should download to your phone. You can listen to them in the car, while hanging out at your house, while you are on a walk – whenever! If you like what you hear, please give us 5 stars!

Tulips and Juleps – How do they do it?

Tulips and Juleps is one of our biggest fundraisers. So how does it raise funds? Tulips and Juleps raises funds three ways including ticket sales for both general admission and special events, the bourbon and wine pull, and the winnings from the silent auction, and most importantly the booth sales. We sell booths to our vendors so that they can come and sell their items. Their continued support is how Tulips and Juleps continues to successfully raise funds for the Junior League of Louisville. The vendors continue to support us not only because of the committee’s hospitality and organization but mostly because of customers walking through the door and attending Tulips and Juleps.

One of the returning vendors that will be at Tulips and Juleps on March 1st and 2nd at Louisville Slugger Stadium is Serenity Grace Bath Bombs and More below is an interview we had with the proprietor.

What is your favorite item or item(s) you sell? Why?

Our favorite item that we make/sell are our Handmade Bath Bombs. We do not use any preservatives in our product, so the natural aspects and the scents can be enjoyed without all the harsh chemicals some bath bomb manufacturers use.

bath bomb - serentiy grace

How did you get your idea of opening your store?

A small affordable space became available in our hometown, and we decided to give it a try. Things took off well, and we have grown into a larger space and not only sell bath bombs but have moved on to jewelry and children’s clothing as well.

What is your top selling item you sell?

Our top selling item that will be available at Tulips & Juleps will be our Bourbon Vanilla Oak bath bomb.

bourbon bath bomb - serenity grace

Can’t wait to for Tulips and Juleps on March 1st at Louisville Slugger? Then be sure to stop by the Serenity Grace storefront located at suite 107 7813 Beulah Church Road, Louisville, KY, 40228 and tell them you heard about them through the JLL Blog.

Why Lemonade Day?


Hailey and Katie participated in Louisville’s inaugural Lemonade Day program in 2016. They made $650 during their first Lemonade Day experience, setting up their stand at
the Kroger at Holiday Manor. They decided to share 1/3 of their proceeds with Cedar Lake Lodge. They won first runner up in the Best Tasting Contest, then won Louisville’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. Hailey and Katie went on to win the National Lemonade Day Entrepreneur of the Year award, and were flown to Washington DC to speak at the National Lemonade Day 2017 kickoff event at Gallup World Headquarters.

While visiting DC, they got to represent Lemonade Day on the Washington morning show – Great Day Washington, as well as spend some time lobbying members of Congress to increase access of entrepreneurial training to students across the U.S. After returning to Louisville, they decided they wanted to continue their entrepreneurial endeavors, and
opened up their own online store called Ooh La Lemon (oohlalemonstore.com).


Ooh La Lemon sells products with a fruity twist – from pineapple purses and water bottles to lemon dresses and watermelon earrings, they are using lessons that were taught to them by the Lemonade Day program to engage in the economic process of
sourcing goods, and selling them to make a profit.

They also are having to learn what a customer wants. They intentionally started with a lot of products to see what products would be successful. They would shop together and look at various products and packaging and opened wholesale accounts. They even attempted to make a lemon swim dress for tweens, but learned it was not cost efficient to make the dresses themselves because it took them too much time.

Hailey and Katie then hired a local seamstress to make the dresses, and hosted a market research party with friends to see what products would sell well. They continue to test new products to see what the public will like, knowing their small business will have to go beyond friends and family. They have learned that it is difficult to have products with multiple sizes (i.e., iPhone cases) because it ties up a lot of money in inventory. They have learned about all of the costs associated with sales – for instance, packaging and monthly website hosting, sales tax, etc.

Additionally, they continued their lobbying work and met with Kentucky Treasurer Allison Ball to discuss youth entrepreneurship and the status of House Bill 132 to mandate high school financial literacy classes for all JCPS graduates. When the bill
passed, Hailey and Katie got to speak at the press conference alongside of
Treasurer Ball.

Katie and Hailey have had thousands of unique visitors access their website over 5400 times. They have over 400 followers on social channels and have learned how they can use social media to target specific audiences and adjust their marketing strategy to each key customer segment.

The girls are excited about the future opportunities of Ooh La Lemon. They are having to learn how to balance school and sports with their business. They have also continued to apply the spend, save and share models discussed in Lemonade Day’s curriculum. For instance, they are planning to give a portion of their sales to Lemonade Day Giving Tuesday.

Since the two have so much fun working together, they want to keep this business going as long as possible and hope to apply these skills for business to their college applications and beyond.

To find out more or get involved by participating or donating go to lemonadeday.org

A New Year and a New Tulips and Juleps Spotlight Vendor

Happy New Year!!!! A New Year and a New Spotlight Vendor that will make you wish that it was March 1 – the kick-off to Tulips and Juleps which will be held at the Louisville Slugger Field.

Vendors love our event and much of it is due to the Junior League of Louisville members, as well as the loyal shoppers that come and visit the vendors every year. This is one of the reasons that Connie from Heart Strands has been a returning vendor. Read her interview below:

I want to say “Thank You” for this opportunity.  I really enjoyed being a vendor at last year’s event.  Everyone with Junior League did a wonderful job putting it all together and made it fun for all involved. I enjoy working with everyone involved with Tulips and Juleps.  It is very well organized, and they make the vendors feel special and appreciated for being there.

Let me start by saying I do not have a store front or a website.  I participate in several events yearly where I offer my jewelry for sale.  I have purposely chosen to run my business this way.  One of the biggest pleasures I get from what I do is getting out in public and meeting the people who come by my booth.  I love the social interaction and answering any questions they might have about the design process.

booth pic - hearts and strands

Whenever I am asked where I come up with my ideas, I like to joke by saying at least I have something floating around in my head.  A lot of times when I am in the process of buying my beads or pendants, an idea will come to mind by just holding the bead pendant up and looking it over.  Sometimes I will lay the piece that I am wanting to design out on my work station and an image of the finished product will come to mind.

I use natural gemstones in my designs and the majority of them are one of a kind.  I go out of state twice yearly to the warehouses and pick my beads out in person.

stones from - heart strands

I have always been a huge lover of all jewelry, whether gold, silver, gemstone or simply costume/fashion jewelry.  I started out in 2002 by making some pieces for myself.  Whenever I wore the pieces I made I would have people ask me about them. That is how I got started designing jewelry.  Sometimes I make matching sets consisting of a necklace, earrings and bracelet, but most of the time I make pieces that will interact with other items I have designed.

Tulips and Juleps is Just Around the Corner

Tulips & Juleps is just around the corner it will take place on Friday, March 1, 2019 and Saturday, March 2, 2019 at the Louisville Slugger Field. Tulips & Juleps is an annual art and gift market featuring vendors from across the region. This is our 13th annual market; in 2015, we moved our long-standing holiday market, Hollydays, to the spring to attract shoppers preparing for spring and Derby. Last year we attracted over 65 vendors and raised $20,000+ in funds to support our mission! In addition to GREAT shopping, we feature special events throughout the weekend including a silent auction with unique products and experiences!

The success of this event is in part due to our amazing vendors. In the coming weeks we would like to highlight nine vendors that will be at Tulips and Juleps and give you a sneak peek of the items that you can purchase at Tulips & Juleps as well as give you a bit more information on the vendors.

This week we had a Q&A with the husband and wife team of Merging Metals. MergingMetals aims to create an ethical and sustainable future by raising awareness of material sourcing issues and practices.
MergingMetals creates unique and unconventional wearable, each lovingly handcrafted and made with purpose. Why do we call them wearables rather than jewelry? Our pieces are more than jewelry, they are wearable works of art, wearable hints of nature at its finest.

First Pic

Where do you get your inspiration to make your items?

Our inspiration comes straight from nature. Each design, distinctive and unique, cannot be replicated and represents nature both physically and symbolically. Our design aesthetic embraces a more organic and unrefined look reflective of the natural world.

 What is your top-selling item you sell?

Real copper feather necklaces. This beautiful statement piece that is pictured below will be available at Tulips and Juleps!

Second Pic

What was the hardest hurdle you had to overcome in your business?

Working with your spouse, we say we built MergingMetals on love, creativity, and arguments; we may not always see eye to eye but at the end of the day we envision the same thing.

What is your favorite item or item(s) you sell? Why?

Steven and I each have favorite items we like to create. I love to make statement necklaces with tree bark, truly making nature wearable. Steven can’t get enough of making “halo” crystal necklaces. Matching up the perfect stone is quite the job! Both items below will also be available for purchase at Tulips and Juleps

His Favorite

His Favorite.JPG

Her Favorite

Her Favorite

Would you like to know more about MergingMetals or can’t wait until Tulips and Juleps to wear some of their beautiful creations you can go to their website at www.mergingmetals.com or via Instagram: @mergingmetals. Stay Tuned for more  Vendor Spotlights.

Founders’ Award Recipient Spotlight

Each year the Junior League of Louisville honors its most outstanding sustainers, supporters and community partners with the JLL Excellence Awards. 

Congratulations to the 2018 Founders’ Award Recipient Michelle Black White.

The Founders’ Award is presented to a Sustainer that has demonstrated continued Civic and Charitable Leadership on behalf of the League and the Community.  The Founders’ Award was started in 1982 to honor a Junior League of Louisville Sustainer for her ongoing impact in the Louisville Community. It is the most prestigious award given by the Junior League of Louisville to honor a woman who has used her League training to continue to contribute to the betterment of our community. This award is intended for a member who is community minded, lives the mission of the JLL through her actions and services and inspires others to reach their dreams with courage, strength and love to others.

Michelle has taken her JLL Leadership experience and served on several community Boards such as the KMAC Board and Operation Brightside. She also volunteers for her son’s schools as well, as a mother to 3 boys. What I think it great about Michelle is that although she has been a Sustainer for many years, she has remained involved by spearheading the JLL Book Club for over a decade, she created the monthly Sustainer Lunch Bunch to create more connection for sustainers and she returned to serve on this year’s Board of Director’s as the Sustainer Director.  Michelle re-vamped the Sustainer Advisory Board to get more sustainers involved and made the meetings more effective and impactful. I had the opportunity to witness this first-hand as she led the CAB/SAB members through several exercises to generate many ideas and feedback that have already proved to be useful.

Most sustainers launch from actively serving JLL to go out in the community to make a difference. What makes Michelle unique is that she did this while actually staying involved. I believe Michelle’s consistent connection to the organization made it a win-win… she used her JLL experience to go make an impact in the the community, and then brought her wisdom, loyalty and elevated skills from those experiences back to make our organization an even better place. I would like to see Michelle recognized for continually exemplifying JLL Leadership both within the organization and in our community.  One last note, Michelle has also used her JLL experience to make women feel good and beautiful by creating a successful business through W by Worth. She serves many women in our organization by helping them look and feel their best….I know because she has done that for me!

                                                                        -­ Jennifer Blair, JLL Past President

Junior League of Louisville announces it 2017-2018 Sustainer Advisory Board

2017-2018 Sustainer Advisory Board

The Sustainer Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of active sustaining members the Junior League of Louisville can call upon for assistance and advice. These women help to demonstrate the effectiveness of trained volunteers through a lifetime of membership, and serve as a valuable resource and mentor, providing historical perspective, community experience, and support for League programs and projects.

We would like to welcome the following list of extraordinary Junior League women to this years Sustainer Advisory Board and say thank you for your continued support, dedication and guidance to the Junior League of Louisville.

2017-2018 Sustainer Advisory Board

Kim Baker
JLL leadership: Sustainer Advisory Board

Jennifer Blair
JLL leadership: President, VP Membership, AVP Community, 2014 JLL Founder’s Award recipient.
Community: Speed Alliance Board, Louisville Science Center Board, Louisville Collegiate School Board, Co- Director of GLOW, President of International Coaches Federation Ohio Valley Charter Chapter

Liz Bornwasser
JLL leadership: Campions 4 Her 5K Co-Chair
Community: Zonta International Director of PR, Younger Womens Club Cookbook Committee Chair, Gilda’s Club Advisory Board, DAR Corresponding Secretary, Younger Womens Club PR Director

Linda Brissette
JL leadership: JL of Clearwater- Dunedin – Art Harvest Chair; JL Houston – Community Research/Development Chair
Community: Women’s Club of Louisville

Lisa Causarano
JLL leadership: President, VP Membership, VP Leadership & Development
Community: Board Member for Unbridled Eve Gala and Speed Ball

Blair Crush
JLL leadership: Nominating Committee Member, Board of Directors Member at Large, CLiPS Chair, Marketing/Public Relations Committee

Diann Dries
JLL leadership: Sustainer Advisory Board, Chaired Annual Giving/Endowment and Project Evaluation

Sally Gray
JLL leadership: Sustainer Advisory Board

Kim Judy
JLL leadership: AVP & VP Fundraising, BloomingDeals Co-Chair, Nominating Chair

Blair Klayko
JLL leadership: Transfer Committee Chair and Co-Chaired Membership Enhancement

Jennifer Kramer
JLL leadership: AVP/VP Fundraising, Chaired Sustainers, Sustainer Advisory Board, HollyDays, and Public Affairs
Community: Delta Zeta Alumnae Executive Board, Louisville Collegiate School Board of Trustees VP

Carolyn Lewis
Community: Volunteers for Second Presbyterian Church, Kentucky Country Day, Louisville Orchestra, Louisville Visual Arts Association and the Kentucky Derby Museum Ball.

Melissa Marvel
JLL leadership: President, Chaired 85th Anniversary Fundraising, Sustainer Advisory Board, Training and Leadership Development committees
Community: CEO/Executive Director Zoom Group

Marsha Mattingly
JLL leadership: Co-Chair American Girl and has served on the Tulips and Juleps and Website committees.

Dodie McKenzie
JLL leadership: President, Sustainer Advisory Board

Lorie Nichols
JLL leadership: Stand Up for Girls Chair, Sustainer Advisory Board

Sara Pettingill
JLL leadership: Chaired Membership Recruitment, HollyDays Silent Auction, and Dinner on the Fly Silent Auction
Community: NACAC Fair Local Arrangements Chair, BU President’s Society and Focus Louisville

Andrea Scholtz
JLL leadership: AVP & VP Communications & Chaired Social Media, Home of the Innocents, Transfer, HollyDays committees
Community: Executive and Advisory Committee Member for The Salvation Army, former PTA President Greathouse Shryock Elementary and Blue Apple Players Board Member

Mary Stone
JLL leadership: Sustainer Advisory Board

Jessica Thompson
JLL leadership: Community Advisory Board Chair, AVP & VP Community Impact, Keep in Touch(KIT) Co-Chair
Community: Transylvania University Board of Regents, Foundation Board at The Louisville Zoo, Actor’s Theatre of Louisville LobsterFeast Co-Chair

Carter Webb
JLL leadership: served on Nominating, Membership Enhancement, Gilda’s Project and as a Provisional Advisor
Community: CirqueLouis Marketing Director, Gilda’s Club Louisville Associate Board, UofL’s MBA Alumni Association VP