Why Lemonade Day?


Hailey and Katie participated in Louisville’s inaugural Lemonade Day program in 2016. They made $650 during their first Lemonade Day experience, setting up their stand at
the Kroger at Holiday Manor. They decided to share 1/3 of their proceeds with Cedar Lake Lodge. They won first runner up in the Best Tasting Contest, then won Louisville’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. Hailey and Katie went on to win the National Lemonade Day Entrepreneur of the Year award, and were flown to Washington DC to speak at the National Lemonade Day 2017 kickoff event at Gallup World Headquarters.

While visiting DC, they got to represent Lemonade Day on the Washington morning show – Great Day Washington, as well as spend some time lobbying members of Congress to increase access of entrepreneurial training to students across the U.S. After returning to Louisville, they decided they wanted to continue their entrepreneurial endeavors, and
opened up their own online store called Ooh La Lemon (oohlalemonstore.com).


Ooh La Lemon sells products with a fruity twist – from pineapple purses and water bottles to lemon dresses and watermelon earrings, they are using lessons that were taught to them by the Lemonade Day program to engage in the economic process of
sourcing goods, and selling them to make a profit.

They also are having to learn what a customer wants. They intentionally started with a lot of products to see what products would be successful. They would shop together and look at various products and packaging and opened wholesale accounts. They even attempted to make a lemon swim dress for tweens, but learned it was not cost efficient to make the dresses themselves because it took them too much time.

Hailey and Katie then hired a local seamstress to make the dresses, and hosted a market research party with friends to see what products would sell well. They continue to test new products to see what the public will like, knowing their small business will have to go beyond friends and family. They have learned that it is difficult to have products with multiple sizes (i.e., iPhone cases) because it ties up a lot of money in inventory. They have learned about all of the costs associated with sales – for instance, packaging and monthly website hosting, sales tax, etc.

Additionally, they continued their lobbying work and met with Kentucky Treasurer Allison Ball to discuss youth entrepreneurship and the status of House Bill 132 to mandate high school financial literacy classes for all JCPS graduates. When the bill
passed, Hailey and Katie got to speak at the press conference alongside of
Treasurer Ball.

Katie and Hailey have had thousands of unique visitors access their website over 5400 times. They have over 400 followers on social channels and have learned how they can use social media to target specific audiences and adjust their marketing strategy to each key customer segment.

The girls are excited about the future opportunities of Ooh La Lemon. They are having to learn how to balance school and sports with their business. They have also continued to apply the spend, save and share models discussed in Lemonade Day’s curriculum. For instance, they are planning to give a portion of their sales to Lemonade Day Giving Tuesday.

Since the two have so much fun working together, they want to keep this business going as long as possible and hope to apply these skills for business to their college applications and beyond.

To find out more or get involved by participating or donating go to lemonadeday.org


Tulips and Juleps is Just Around the Corner

Tulips & Juleps is just around the corner it will take place on Friday, March 1, 2019 and Saturday, March 2, 2019 at the Louisville Slugger Field. Tulips & Juleps is an annual art and gift market featuring vendors from across the region. This is our 13th annual market; in 2015, we moved our long-standing holiday market, Hollydays, to the spring to attract shoppers preparing for spring and Derby. Last year we attracted over 65 vendors and raised $20,000+ in funds to support our mission! In addition to GREAT shopping, we feature special events throughout the weekend including a silent auction with unique products and experiences!

The success of this event is in part due to our amazing vendors. In the coming weeks we would like to highlight nine vendors that will be at Tulips and Juleps and give you a sneak peek of the items that you can purchase at Tulips & Juleps as well as give you a bit more information on the vendors.

This week we had a Q&A with the husband and wife team of Merging Metals. MergingMetals aims to create an ethical and sustainable future by raising awareness of material sourcing issues and practices.
MergingMetals creates unique and unconventional wearable, each lovingly handcrafted and made with purpose. Why do we call them wearables rather than jewelry? Our pieces are more than jewelry, they are wearable works of art, wearable hints of nature at its finest.

First Pic

Where do you get your inspiration to make your items?

Our inspiration comes straight from nature. Each design, distinctive and unique, cannot be replicated and represents nature both physically and symbolically. Our design aesthetic embraces a more organic and unrefined look reflective of the natural world.

 What is your top-selling item you sell?

Real copper feather necklaces. This beautiful statement piece that is pictured below will be available at Tulips and Juleps!

Second Pic

What was the hardest hurdle you had to overcome in your business?

Working with your spouse, we say we built MergingMetals on love, creativity, and arguments; we may not always see eye to eye but at the end of the day we envision the same thing.

What is your favorite item or item(s) you sell? Why?

Steven and I each have favorite items we like to create. I love to make statement necklaces with tree bark, truly making nature wearable. Steven can’t get enough of making “halo” crystal necklaces. Matching up the perfect stone is quite the job! Both items below will also be available for purchase at Tulips and Juleps

His Favorite

His Favorite.JPG

Her Favorite

Her Favorite

Would you like to know more about MergingMetals or can’t wait until Tulips and Juleps to wear some of their beautiful creations you can go to their website at www.mergingmetals.com or via Instagram: @mergingmetals. Stay Tuned for more  Vendor Spotlights.

Member Spotlight: Kristin Armstrong


We recently had a brief interview with Kristin Armstrong to discuss not only why she joined the League, but how it has positively impacted her career and personal life. Kristin’s League experience has been nothing short of impactful. She is currently an active member of the Junior League of Louisville, and serves as the VP of Membership.


When did you join the Junior League and what motivated you to become a League member?

I joined in the fall of 2014. I was a graduate student in a specialty program at the Kent School of Social Work, so my time was slim and split between classes, practicum, and homework. I wanted to volunteer in the community but couldn’t commit to daily or even weekly involvement, and the Junior League allowed me to give my time on an irregular schedule while still making a big impact. I wanted to volunteer, but I also wanted to get to know my city and meet strong, smart, community-focused women. The League offered me all of that in one place.

What are some of the skills you have learned/honed through your roles within the Junior League? Have these skills helped you in your career? How?

Earlier this year I made a career shift from social work to nonprofit fundraising, and I was able to do so in large part because of skills I honed serving in League leadership. I was able to organize and facilitate training events, lead teams of volunteers, engage in strategic planning, manage a tiered budget, fundraise for a meaningful cause, collaborate on a marketing campaign, create tactical plans for recruitment and outreach, and more. During my job search I was able to provide concrete examples of this work to potential employers, and even though I’m new to the field I entered the job market with multiple competing offers. I’m convinced my League experience was a major contributor to that positive outcome.


What is your favorite JLL memory, event or committee and why?

In April, I was selected to attend the Organizational Development Institute for the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI), a conference for Junior League leaders from across multiple countries. We shared ideas, learned new approaches to leadership, and more of your typical conference activities, but what really stuck with me was hearing about the incredible collective impact being made by our members. There are Leagues working to address human trafficking, environmental concerns, refugee resettlement, domestic violence, health services, and here in Louisville, the effects of generational poverty on education. As only one woman, it’s easy to think I can’t make much of an dent in those large, systemic issues, but in the Junior League we have over 140,000 women working together against them, and in those numbers we’re pretty unstoppable.

There are occasionally stereotypes about what it means to be a member of the Junior League. How is Junior League relevant to you?

The Junior League isn’t a stagnant organization- they’re willing to make changes in order to meet the needs of the changing role of women in society. When the Junior League began it was an organization for socialites, and that’s simply not what life looks like for most women. In 2018, our members are teachers, business women, mothers, students, judges, civic leaders, women from absolutely every walk of life who need an organization that’s willing to adapt to that changing demographic. You can see that forward movement through elements like our Diversity & Inclusion task force (a watchdog group for increased League accountability), our Advocacy Committee (to educate members on public policy issues and civic engagement), and the Voice & Choice implementation (to maintain the League’s flexibility for women with increasing demands on their time and talents). I attended a training event recently where a representative from the Association of Junior Leagues International told us, “if you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” I strongly believe the League will never be irrelevant because as an organization we’re willing to make the difficult changes necessary to effectively meet the needs of our members without compromising our mission.

What do you wish you could share with individuals who are not in JLL, but may be interested?   

Set aside your preconceived notions and give us the opportunity to surprise you – come see who we are in action. I invited a friend to attend a Junior League recruitment event, and afterward she came up to me and said, “I really wanted to hate this. I thought it was going to be an organization for bored housewives, but I think everyone in this room has at least a master’s degree.” She filled out her Junior League application that same night. It’s funny, but it’s also true – this is a group of incredibly accomplished women, but it’s also a group for women who are just starting on their path and want to gain practical skills or engage with their community in a way that will one day help them be one of those incredibly accomplished women, too. Empowering women and communities is what we do, and I can promise you’ll believe it when you see it.


If you have a Junior League of Louisville Member (active or sustainer) that you think should be highlighted in our blog, please contact Lindsey Brown at lbrown0086@gmail.com.


Founders’ Award Recipient Spotlight

Each year the Junior League of Louisville honors its most outstanding sustainers, supporters and community partners with the JLL Excellence Awards. 

Congratulations to the 2018 Founders’ Award Recipient Michelle Black White.

The Founders’ Award is presented to a Sustainer that has demonstrated continued Civic and Charitable Leadership on behalf of the League and the Community.  The Founders’ Award was started in 1982 to honor a Junior League of Louisville Sustainer for her ongoing impact in the Louisville Community. It is the most prestigious award given by the Junior League of Louisville to honor a woman who has used her League training to continue to contribute to the betterment of our community. This award is intended for a member who is community minded, lives the mission of the JLL through her actions and services and inspires others to reach their dreams with courage, strength and love to others.

Michelle has taken her JLL Leadership experience and served on several community Boards such as the KMAC Board and Operation Brightside. She also volunteers for her son’s schools as well, as a mother to 3 boys. What I think it great about Michelle is that although she has been a Sustainer for many years, she has remained involved by spearheading the JLL Book Club for over a decade, she created the monthly Sustainer Lunch Bunch to create more connection for sustainers and she returned to serve on this year’s Board of Director’s as the Sustainer Director.  Michelle re-vamped the Sustainer Advisory Board to get more sustainers involved and made the meetings more effective and impactful. I had the opportunity to witness this first-hand as she led the CAB/SAB members through several exercises to generate many ideas and feedback that have already proved to be useful.

Most sustainers launch from actively serving JLL to go out in the community to make a difference. What makes Michelle unique is that she did this while actually staying involved. I believe Michelle’s consistent connection to the organization made it a win-win… she used her JLL experience to go make an impact in the the community, and then brought her wisdom, loyalty and elevated skills from those experiences back to make our organization an even better place. I would like to see Michelle recognized for continually exemplifying JLL Leadership both within the organization and in our community.  One last note, Michelle has also used her JLL experience to make women feel good and beautiful by creating a successful business through W by Worth. She serves many women in our organization by helping them look and feel their best….I know because she has done that for me!

                                                                        -­ Jennifer Blair, JLL Past President

Tulips and Juleps Art and Gift Market Testimonial Tuesday

Tulips and Juleps is an event I look forward to every year, but normally I just attend for the unique shopping experience. This year I decided to make a weekend of it! I booked a babysitter and got to have a fun night out at Juleps After Dark with fellow Junior League members Allison and Jade (with our significant others in tow). We cashed in our drink tickets at the bar, and Allison and I jumped in the long line of fashionable women waiting for Kendra Scott baubles in the jewelry pull while Jade snapped photos for @juniorleagueoflouisville and the guys ran off to try their luck at the bourbon pull. It’s not like you can really lose when you know there’s Kendra Scott in the box, but I did happen to score a gorgeous necklace that’s worth a lot more than what I paid! We reconvened, bourbon and jewelry in hand, snapped a photo with Dolly Parton, and wandered through the silent auction items that we ended up (obsessively) bidding on all night. Allison and I might’ve been caught up in watching our auctions on the HandBid app, but it paid off when we both won! I can’t wait to attend the Focus Louisville class that I fought for- sorry bidder #100!

In truth I was probably a little bit overzealous. I worked at the JLL merchandise table all day, and after seeing everyone walk by with their shopping bags I was dying to find some treasures for myself! I ended up with an adorable board book from Usbourne Books & More for my son, candles from Graceful Bloom, a mini bundt from Nothing Bundt Cake, and a charming Derby-themed wooden sign from 52Home. My favorite purchase was definitely the spicy seasoning from Dan-O’s, though! It was a hit with our entire group, and it just might be what inspired us to head to dinner downtown to wrap up a great evening.

I came back the next morning with my son for Story Time at Usbourne with Shannon Cogan from Wave 3 News- he had a great time, but I don’t think he realized he was in the presence of a local celebrity! After hearing some fun stories, buying more candles from Ball & Twine, and a ‘Talk Derby to Me’ throw pillow from Rekindled Creations, it seemed like a good time to save what was left of my bank account.

I’ve been in the League for a few years now, and I think this was one of our best markets yet! I was truly impressed with the quality of our vendors and the value of their products, and events like Juleps After Dark and Story Time make it easy to enjoy the experience no matter who your squad is. Next year I hope to attend more of the scheduled events, and maybe I’ll have the discipline to save up in advance so I don’t have to cut myself off quite so early! Thankfully (perhaps mercifully?), our vendor list is shared on the JLL website, so I’ll be doing a little shopping in between, too. Overall, Tulips and Juleps provided a fantastic weekend for having a fun time with friends and family, supporting a worthy cause, and shopping great products from unique vendors you might not know about otherwise. Hope to see you there next year!

Kristin Armstrong, JLL Member, VP Membership

Tulips and Juleps Art and Gift Market Testimonial Tuesday

Another year, another Tulips & Juleps in the books and yet again I went crazy and spent every bit of my planned budget…and then some.

Generally, I am not much of a shopper. Like, at all. I kinda hate it, to be truthful. But every year, I prep for T&J. I set aside money. I look at the vendors’ websites. I plan my day around my own volunteer hours. I set out my lucky shoes (which are coincidentally super comfy). I may or may not listen to Eye of the Tiger before entering the venue.

This year my volunteer responsibilities required me to be in and out a lot…which was perfect for shopping. First I took a long stroll around, wending through each and every aisle.

Then I began. I bought a lavender candle that is supposed to help me sleep (at the very least. it smells delicious) from Graceful Bloom. I bought a cute baseball tee from Doodles by Rebekah that says Kentucky women are made of bourbon and ice.  I bought spices from Dan-O’s Original Seasoning that are low in sodium, yet still tasty. I hit the kitchen jackpot at Love & Fig with pair of oven mitts with a matching apron and some sassy dish towels (I got the last “I got 99 problems but a dish ain’t one” towel!). I am, at this very minute, wearing a delicate gold necklace that I found at RAHK Studio. She also sold me a jewelry polishing cloth that saved another necklace of mine that I thought tarnished beyond saving.

I may or may not have bought more (I definitely bought more). Truthfully, Tulips & Juleps is one of the few shopping experiences that I really enjoy, so it’s something I look forward to each year. I hope you can join us in 2019!!

Jenna Scott, Junior League of Louisville Member



12th Annual Junior League of Louisville Art and Gift Market: Tulips and Juleps


This coming weekend, February 23 – February 24, marks the Junior League of Louisville’s (JLL) 12th Annual Art Market – Tulips and Juleps!  The event will be held inside at Louisville Slugger Field right downtown with easy access and lots of parking and with everything indoors it will be a great way to spend a forecasted rainy Friday and Saturday!

The event will feature over 55 local and regional vendors to help get you and your home ready for Spring…think Derby (only 75 more days) as well as some amazing local foods and some great find for the kids too!  There is something for everyone!  For a complete list of Vendors click here.


This event helps to fund the JLL’s Mission: an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, to developing the potential of women, and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.  This happens a number of ways:

  • Support of JLL’s Community programs, such as Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Little Libraries, Maryhurst and Boys and Girls Haven.
  • Leadership and Community Training for members through hands on committee work and training events held by the Junior League of Louisville and the Associate of Junior Leagues International, Inc.

Tickets and Special Event Schedule

General Admission – $5.00
Valid for one time admission Friday 11-9pm OR Saturday 9am-5pm.  Excludes all special events.

Juleps After Dark VIP – $25.00
Ticket includes admission to the Market, 2 Drink Tickets, and Door Prize Entry.  Swag Bag for the first 250 tickets sold.

Juleps After Dark VIP (YPAL, YWC, Bachelor Club) – $20.00
Discount Ticket for YPAL, Younger Women’s Club and Bachelor Club of Louisville!! VIP Juleps After Dark Ticket includes admission to the Market, 2 Drink Tickets, and Door Prize Entry. Swag Bag for the first 250 tickets sold.

B.You Class at Tulips and Juleps – $15.00
Saturday 2/24 at 10:30 am.  Enjoy a 45 minute fitness class from local studio B. You! General admission minimum donation and a mimosa ticket are included in this ticket price.

Nanz & Kraft Class – $40.00
Saturday 2/24 at 1:30 pm.  Tulips & Juleps presents a great opportunity to take a hands-on class from Nanz & Kraft! Attendees will create a beautiful arrangement valued between $75-100, receive general admission into the market, and a print from the local late artist, Mickey Hackett. The class is expected to last between 60-90 minutes.

Click here to get tickets.

Hope to see everyone there to help support the JLL!

Sample of 2018 Vendors