Little Library in Memory of Pia Posadas-Miller

On September 20th The Pia Posadas-Miller Memorial Little Library was revealed by the Junior League of Louisville (JLL) and the family of Pia Posadas-Miller! Located right in front of the entrance to Engelhard Elementary this little library will provide all students with the chance to borrow or keep a book for free. Pia Posadas-Miller was a Junior League of Louisville Member who had a special place in her heart for Engelhard Elementary. Her favorite volunteer opportunity was helping with Blessings in a Backpack at Englehard, so much so she started coming on Friday mornings even when the Junior League did not.  Blessings in a Backpack is a national organization that provides children with food to eat over the weekend and is headquartered here in Louisville.

Her husband Brian Miller and daughter Sophie were on hand to dedicate this library in her honor and memory. Sophie also provided the beautiful artwork and donated a few of her own books to help fill the library. The Junior League’s “Pia Posadas-Miller Fund” also made a donation of $1,500 to Engelhard Elementary. We hope this little library will inspire children to love to read as much as Pia did! What a wonderful event! This is the JLL’s 6th Little library that they have opened and keep stocked in the Louisville community.

Pia Posadas-Miller Memorial Little Library



Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Louisville

The Junior League of Louisville READ committee partnered with the Chestnut YMCA at their back-to-school event on August 4th and MetroPCS on August 10 to get children signed up for Dolly Partons Imagination Library.  At the events, the Junior League of Louisville also passed out free books to children and adults!

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Louisville was founded in 2016 through a partnership between the Junior League of Louisville, WAVE 3 News and the Jefferson County Public Education Foundation. Its mission is to put more books in the hands of Jefferson County children in an effort to foster a child’s love of reading and prepare them for kindergarten. We believe that by improving early education in our community, we can contribute to the lifelong success of Jefferson County children.

In its first year, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Louisville served 500 children under the age of 5 who live in the 40202, 40203 and 40208 zip codes. For 2018, the Imagination Library of Louisville has expanded to five new zip codes and will now serve up to 2,500 children. The added zip codes are 40209, 40210, 40211, 40212 and 40215. Anyone living in the 8 zip codes Imagination Library serves, regardless of family income, is welcome to sign up their pre-school children to receive free books. Community partners will continue to work to expand the program to include every zip code in Jefferson County.

The Junior League of Louisville is incredibly grateful to the partners and support we have been given to get this Project off the ground!




Testimonial Tuesday: Little Libraries

My first Junior League Free Little Library experience!

Written by: Clair Colvin, Junior League of Louisville Member

As you know JLL sponsors 5 Free Little Library’s in the 40203 neighborhood and I had the pleasure of being a route runner in August! I signed up and headed off to the Junior League office with my two kids, (Taylor 4 and Sam Wiley 2) to pick up my 5 boxes of books! I snagged my books and labels, chatted with Kirstin (the JLL Admin), gave my children a few m&ms left over from another event for their “good behavior” and we were on our way back home in about 20 mins.

I knew I wanted to make my shift run to deliver the books on the weekend with my family. I saw this shift as a wonderful teaching moment for my children. Children are influenced by what we model and encourage and now that I am a parent it is my responsibility to teach and model this behavior for my children. Sunday morning we loaded up the freshly labeled books, plotted our route, and headed out!

Every stop we made was a race to see who could get out of the car the fastest and to be the one to put the first book in the library! The pure excitement helping to put books in the library was so heart warming. At the Zion Baptist Church Free Little Library we were greeted and invited to stay for church, and at the Central High location a man who was enjoying his morning coffee while waiting at the bus stop offered to help. Overall, it was a wonderful family outing and I will definitely sign up to be a route runner again!

I am not a perfect parent, and I am ok with that, but I do know I want to lead by example on the important things in life. Thank you Junior League Free Little Library’s for giving me the opportunity to teach my little ones to spread kindness.

Clair Colvin
Junior League of Louisville Member