Testimonial Tuesday: Little Libraries

My first Junior League Free Little Library experience!

Written by: Clair Colvin, Junior League of Louisville Member

As you know JLL sponsors 5 Free Little Library’s in the 40203 neighborhood and I had the pleasure of being a route runner in August! I signed up and headed off to the Junior League office with my two kids, (Taylor 4 and Sam Wiley 2) to pick up my 5 boxes of books! I snagged my books and labels, chatted with Kirstin (the JLL Admin), gave my children a few m&ms left over from another event for their “good behavior” and we were on our way back home in about 20 mins.

I knew I wanted to make my shift run to deliver the books on the weekend with my family. I saw this shift as a wonderful teaching moment for my children. Children are influenced by what we model and encourage and now that I am a parent it is my responsibility to teach and model this behavior for my children. Sunday morning we loaded up the freshly labeled books, plotted our route, and headed out!

Every stop we made was a race to see who could get out of the car the fastest and to be the one to put the first book in the library! The pure excitement helping to put books in the library was so heart warming. At the Zion Baptist Church Free Little Library we were greeted and invited to stay for church, and at the Central High location a man who was enjoying his morning coffee while waiting at the bus stop offered to help. Overall, it was a wonderful family outing and I will definitely sign up to be a route runner again!

I am not a perfect parent, and I am ok with that, but I do know I want to lead by example on the important things in life. Thank you Junior League Free Little Library’s for giving me the opportunity to teach my little ones to spread kindness.

Clair Colvin
Junior League of Louisville Member



Junior League of Louisville Helps Students Make a Lasting Impact

On May 22, members of the Junior League of Louisville assisted 5th grade classes at Carter Traditional Elementary School in a “graduation” event, celebrating the students’ transition from elementary to middle school. Each 5th grade class will paint their handprints on a wooden bench to remain at the school. The benches will be a symbol of how each student has left a lasting impact on the school and encourage them to go out into the community and make a difference.

The Junior League of Louisville also donated over 300 school supplies as well as approximately 150 t-shirts and 75 school uniform polo shirts to the school through Agape North, a company that donates school apparel for each screen printed or embroidery item sold. The matching donation was made possible by the sale of Junior League of Louisville apparel during the 2015-2016 League years.

The event is one of the Junior League of Louisville’s many “Done in a Day” community service events. The Junior League of Louisville is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, to developing the potential of women, and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. This event aligns with the JLL mission of training future leaders and supporting the current community initiative of early childhood education and mentor-ship.