Testimonial Tuesday: Noogie Fest and Gilda’s Club

Written by: Michelle Christopher, Junior League of Louisville Member

I’ll always remember Noogiefest 2013. I had just moved to Louisville, and I was looking for ways to be involved in the community. Volunteering for Noogiefest as a Provisional was a special experience as my committee became some of my most supportive friends. I also met several young Gilda’s Club members and their parents who expressed how grateful they were for the emotional support that Gilda’s Club offered to them during their cancer journey, and it was humbling to hear how much they loved the Halloween party that JLL planned for them. From that day, I was hooked.

Noogiefest was the first of many volunteer shifts that I served at the clubhouse. I am thankful that Junior League led a path for me to join the Gilda’s Club Associate Board for three years, which has allowed me to grow and serve in leadership roles. But I also thank Junior League for introducing me to many strong individuals that continue to welcome, inspire, and encourage one another and the community.

Volunteering with the JLL at Gilda’s
Volunteering with Gilda’s Club at the KDF Mini Marathon
Wigs on Tap, Gilda’s Associate Board



Testimonial Tuesday: Little Libraries

My first Junior League Free Little Library experience!

Written by: Clair Colvin, Junior League of Louisville Member

As you know JLL sponsors 5 Free Little Library’s in the 40203 neighborhood and I had the pleasure of being a route runner in August! I signed up and headed off to the Junior League office with my two kids, (Taylor 4 and Sam Wiley 2) to pick up my 5 boxes of books! I snagged my books and labels, chatted with Kirstin (the JLL Admin), gave my children a few m&ms left over from another event for their “good behavior” and we were on our way back home in about 20 mins.

I knew I wanted to make my shift run to deliver the books on the weekend with my family. I saw this shift as a wonderful teaching moment for my children. Children are influenced by what we model and encourage and now that I am a parent it is my responsibility to teach and model this behavior for my children. Sunday morning we loaded up the freshly labeled books, plotted our route, and headed out!

Every stop we made was a race to see who could get out of the car the fastest and to be the one to put the first book in the library! The pure excitement helping to put books in the library was so heart warming. At the Zion Baptist Church Free Little Library we were greeted and invited to stay for church, and at the Central High location a man who was enjoying his morning coffee while waiting at the bus stop offered to help. Overall, it was a wonderful family outing and I will definitely sign up to be a route runner again!

I am not a perfect parent, and I am ok with that, but I do know I want to lead by example on the important things in life. Thank you Junior League Free Little Library’s for giving me the opportunity to teach my little ones to spread kindness.

Clair Colvin
Junior League of Louisville Member


JLL Community Partner for IdeaFestival 2017


Over the course of four days every autumn, IdeaFestival takes physical form in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. This event is for anyone, irrespective of any  demographic, to collaborate and be inspired to think differently.

The result of this is an environment that not only proves to be a disruptive catalyst for innovation, but also cultivates valuable relationships through the intermingling of diverse topics and backgrounds.

We give you permission to think differently and share that way of thinking with other creative minds.

The Junior League of Louisville is proud to be a Community Partner for IdeaFestival® 2017, held this year from Sept 26 – 28 at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. IdeaFestival is an eclectic network of global thinkers and one-of-a-kind innovators bound together by an intense curiosity about what is impacting and shaping the future of the arts, business, technology, design, science, philosophy and education.

Please click the here for a complete list of all events!


Junior League’s Entertainment Committee of 1923

In 1923 the members of the Entertainment Committee of Junior League of Louisville pledged to give 2 hours each week of time and service to the community.  At the time the League owned their own “moving” picture machine so they could take the movies to people in the community who may not otherwise have the means to do so…so instead of having to go to the movie house the JLL brought the movie house to them!!  It was a well received project that brought great joy to those who the League thought may be overlooked.

What an amazing idea and ahead of the times!

Courier-Journal, Sunday Morning, November 18, 1923

Junior League of Louisville: Great Beginnings

No image better symbolizes the Roaring Twenties than the flapper, recognized by her bobbed hair, scarlet lips, and fringed skirt barely covering rouged knees. Equipped with a ready-to-party attitude, she smoked, drank, and necked with handsome young men driving roadsters. She created a language and style all her own and changed forever how women acted, thought, and dressed.

If the flapper appeared giddy, so did the times. F. Scott Fitzgerald estimated that “the whole upper tenth of a nation was living with the insouciance of a grand duc and the casualness of chorus girls.” A growing middle class enjoyed the materialistic rewards of Model Ts, refrigerators, and radios. The Great War was over and a revolution was underway in the U.S. as well as the Soviet Union. “The war tore away our spiritual foundations and challenged our faith. We are struggling to regain our equilibrium,” a self-confessed flapper wrote in OUTLOOK magazine in 1922.

“In accepting membership in the Junior League a woman steps forthwith into the wider citizenship of her city…It is only as we add our contributions of service that we can be rightly said to have won our final citizenship papers.”
-Dorothy Whitney Straight

First Junior League of Louisville Board of Directors –  1921-1922

Catherine Burge Helm, a Junior League of Louisville Founding Member recalls:

“The world of our youth was not as full of problems as the world today; our lives were much more sheltered, and comparatively few of us were college graduates. However, there was a need for volunteer service in our city, and the Louisville Junior League was formed when I returned from visiting boarding school friends in Poughkeepsie where a Junior League had just been organized. A group of about ten of us met at my mother’s house in the early summer of 1921 and made up a list of nearly a hundred members which included my sister-in-law, Mrs. Joseph D. Burge, who had been a member of the New York League, and Mrs. Elliot Callahan from the Milwaukee League. Two members from two other leagues was a requirement to procure a Charter.  Mrs. Elliot Callahan was our first president and Mrs. Joseph D. Burge assumed the office several years later.”

The Junior League of Louisville’s legacy comes from this small group of 50 women who in 1921 strategically linked vision, social capital and trained action to address needs and challenges in the Louisville Community.  These women did not set out to change the world, only to improve the lives of women and children in Louisville by tackling issues that faced our community.

We have come a long way since 1921 but the same fact remains…the Junior League of Louisville is a catalyst for change. #IamJLL


Leadership Spotlight: Board Member Ashley N. Duncan


Ashley N. Duncan, Board Member 2017-2018

Ashley N. Duncan is a Louisville native who has been employed at the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) since the age of 14. Ashley currently serves as a Director of Diversity and Inclusion.  Ashley earned her Masters of Science in Business Communication from Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky.  Ashley has worked in every department at TARC and prides herself on knowing the company as a whole.  Ashley has been a volunteer with The Junior League of Louisville for 4 years and is currently serving as a board member leading the Voice and Choice Membership Rollout Team.

Ashley has recently joined the Louisville Metro United Way Board and the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Board.  Ashley enjoys working with children as well as teaching the importance of cultivating diversity in the workplace and in the community.  Ashley has been married to her best friend Desmond Duncan, for over five years, and has one daughter, Mckinley Grace.

One of the many philosophies that Ashley lives by is “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Leadership Spotlight: President Leigh Anne Burke-Schaad

Each Friday we will be spotlighting the current leadership for the 2017-2018 Junior League of Louisville Board of Directors and Executive Management Team.  This will be a great way to get to know each leader a little bit better!  Hope you enjoy hearing about all the wonderful things the JLL Leadership does not only for Junior League but the community as well!


Leigh Anne Burke-Schaad, President 2017-2019

Originally from Pikeville, Kentucky she moved to Louisville in 2005 after attending Morehead State University and starting her career in Los Angelos.  Leigh Anne currently works in marketing for MetroPCS and loves that both with the Junior League and her career she has opportunities to give back to the city she loves. Leigh Anne loves animals and has a rambunctious 13 year old beagle, Sophie, and sits on the board at Alley Cat Advocates.  She has been married to her husband Greg for almost 8 years. In their free time they love to travel and explore.

Leigh Anne’s favorite memories include attending her first AJLI Annual Conference and watching in awe at all the powerful women committed to making their communities better marching in representing their home league and a DIAD at a walk for the Down Syndrome Association of Louisville in her provisional year. She had the pleasure of making smiles by “spray painting” the kids hair before the walk. Leigh Anne is looking forward to the next two years and all the positive impact the women of the Junior League of Louisville will lead.

If you wold like to learn more about the Junior League of Louisville please visit www.juniorleaguelouisville.org.