Testimonial Tuesday: Noogie Fest and Gilda’s Club

Written by: Michelle Christopher, Junior League of Louisville Member

I’ll always remember Noogiefest 2013. I had just moved to Louisville, and I was looking for ways to be involved in the community. Volunteering for Noogiefest as a Provisional was a special experience as my committee became some of my most supportive friends. I also met several young Gilda’s Club members and their parents who expressed how grateful they were for the emotional support that Gilda’s Club offered to them during their cancer journey, and it was humbling to hear how much they loved the Halloween party that JLL planned for them. From that day, I was hooked.

Noogiefest was the first of many volunteer shifts that I served at the clubhouse. I am thankful that Junior League led a path for me to join the Gilda’s Club Associate Board for three years, which has allowed me to grow and serve in leadership roles. But I also thank Junior League for introducing me to many strong individuals that continue to welcome, inspire, and encourage one another and the community.

Volunteering with the JLL at Gilda’s
Volunteering with Gilda’s Club at the KDF Mini Marathon
Wigs on Tap, Gilda’s Associate Board



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