Meet Courtney Carter | #IAmJLL


We love to hear from our lovely members and this week is no different. Courtney Carter is up this week and she’s talking about balance, community, and training: just a few things she is learning through Junior League.

When and why did you join JLL?
For fun! I joined the League in the fall of 2008 to meet new people! I showed up to orientation not knowing anyone. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and made some great friends that morning.
What was your favorite project during your time with the League?
Urban Garden! Specifically, the garden at the Home of the Innocents. Cultivating and creating this garden with the children was such fun. Getting to share with them the yields and watch them learn and understand the larger scope of “where food comes from” was really enjoyable.
What have you personally learned/gained while being involved in JLL?
Balance! I learned (still learning) how to manage a calendar, how to prioritize, and how to evaluate how I want to spend my personal time.
How do you feel JLL impacts the community?
Training! I think the most impactful way JLL contributes to the Louisville community is through our training. The League not only trains us to be better volunteers, but it gives us the tools to make us better employees, citizens, and advocates.
What were the community initiatives during your time with the League?
Be Fit Be Fine! Education!
With JLL launching our new Issue Based Community Impact (IBCI), what are ways you see the League impacting education in our community?
Across the board! I am most looking forward to seeing how our education focus will reach all avenues of our community. The Research Task Force has worked to evaluate the needs in our community and how our members can best fulfill those needs. The combination of servicing our membership and our community will prove impactful on many levels.
If you know someone interested in JLL, what would you tell them?
Great things happen when you surround yourself with great people! Joining the Junior League allows you to challenge yourself in ways that your professional or personal life might not. The League opens opportunities and allows you to try new things, all while being supported, motivated, and mentored by an amazing group of women!


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