Meet Liz Hack | #IAmJLL


Liz Hack answered a few questions for us about her love of the league and what it is about Junior League of Louisville that she loves most.

When and why did you join JLL?
I became an active member in 2013.
What has been your favorite project during your time with the League?
Since 2013, I’ve really only been part of one committee, the research and development committee. We have been charged with researching what our League members want the next big thing to be. Through the commitment of the committee, we’ve learned that our members want to focus on education. It’s been very engaging and rewarding to both research what the needs of the community are and match them with the interests of the members.
What have you personally learned/gained while being involved in JLL?
One of my life mottos is, “Learn something new each day.” Through JLL, I feel like I’ve learned so much about myself, my strengths, and my weaknesses. Through JLL, I’ve strengthened my skill to actively listen to others. There are so many talented and smart women in JLL that I’ve learned or gained something from just by listening and engaging with them in planning, etc. Because of my involvement with JLL, I’ve been able to connect with other community organizations to grow my network of contacts both personally and professionally.
How do you feel JLL impacts the community?
We are a strong, community-based group of women who want to positively impact our community. There’s no way we can’t impact the community with that type of passion motivating each of us. From the little things to the big data numbers, JLL impacts the community. The members are “on the front line” tutoring students, beautifying our neighborhoods, encouraging reading, empowering girls, and the list goes on and on. We are part of what makes Louisville the Most Compassionate City in the U.S.
With JLL launching our new Issue Based Community Impact (IBCI), what are ways you see the League impacting education in our community?
There are so many opportunities for our League members to engage in the education initiative, from partnering with groups like United Way, which is always looking for volunteers to support their education programs, to developing our own programs for reaching STEM and the arts. I also think there’s a huge opportunity to provide more education/training/leadership opportunities to our members, things like women in careers, retirement planning, finding the right master’s degree program, etc.
If you know someone interested in JLL, what would you tell them?
I tell them that the League is a great place to learn about the community and how to get involved with your community. The League also tries to fit into what works best for each of its member’s life. For me, my personal and professional life has gotten really hectic with life changes and professional growth. The League understands that and has worked with me one-on-one to make my League life fit my life.


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