Recipe Memory

With Derby right around the corner we all feel a little nostalgic about our favorite derby memories. Food always plays a role and this memory from sustaining member Jennifer Kramer takes the cake.

“One of my favorite recipes in Bluegrass Gatherings is for Bourbon Balls in the “Lilies for the Fillies Cocktail Party” menu (page 46). I love this recipe because my mother submitted it at my request, as I grew up helping her make this candy every Christmas.
I had never made my mother’s Bourbon Balls recipe from start to finish by myself, but I needed to make a batch during the testing phase of our cookbook. I was so excited to make them as my parents live in Arizona now, and I don’t often get to indulge.


While my mother’s Bourbon Balls are a little time-consuming to make, they are SO worth it. I now make several batches every year at Christmas to give away and serve at parties, and I make them at Derby time as well. They are a great hostess gift, too!”

Thanks Jennifer for this sweet reminder. Share your favorite memories too! We can’t wait to hear about your memories on our Facebook page.


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