Meet Hala Ziady | #IamJLL


This week lets get to know Hala. She works in Human Resources at Sazerac. We are thankful for her love for the league and we are excited to feature Hala this week!

When did you join JLL?
What was your favorite project during your time with the League?
Being Provisional Co-Chair with Reid Hafer. We were the first group to split the Provisional year out from a full year to a Fall and Spring class. We also implemented Bloom Boutique as the Provisional Project for the spring class which went on for years as it’s own project. Bloom Boutique dressed high school girls for prom that would maybe not get to attend otherwise.

What did you personally learn/gain while being involved in JLL?
What did I not gain is the better question! I built some of the most wonderful friendships near and far (and they continue to grow). I learned more about myself, my capabilities, and what I need to continue to strive to work towards. I learned more about our community and how much one organization can truly impact and make changes. We are a force to be reckoned with!
How do you feel JLL impacts the community?
We hear from so many other non-profits that when they need help, they come to us. They know they can depend on us because we are dedicated women trying to make our community a better place to be and live. I think that speaks volume of our members and who we are. We are the best trained volunteers around.

What were the community initiatives during your time with the League?
Children’s Advocacy. We were still very involved with CASA (court appointed special advocates).

With JLL launching our new Issue Based Community Impact (IBCI) focusing on education, what are ways you see the League impacting education in our community?
I cannot think of a better initiative for us to be involved with. We have the best members and volunteers in this city. Members with wonderful ideas and that know how to execute them. We are purposefully driven and I am excited for the future and the impact we will bring to the growth of our community through education.
If you know someone interested in JLL, what would you tell them?
It’s a wonderful place to learn, grow, make connections and be impactful.


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