Meet Sarah Mitchell | #IAmJLL


Next up-this lovely lady. Sarah is a publisher with NFocus Magazine. Want to know a little bit more about our league and the people that keep it going? Read on to hear about this great asset to JLL, Sarah Mitchell. #IAmJLL

When did you join JLL?


What was your favorite project during your time with the League?

Keep in Touch. {Keep In Touch initially focused on breast cancer. It is now the Strive and Thrive committee}

What did you personally learn/gain while being involved in JLL?

Personally, I learned the value of what we are doing to make a difference in people’s lives directly in our own community. JLL opened the door for me to make so many new relationships in the community outside of what was in my own backyard.

How do you feel JLL impacts the community?

Overwhelmingly—it is a staple name in the nonprofit world. The ability to say I am a member speaks volumes when I am out meeting with people.

What were the community initiatives during your time with the League?

Be Fit, Be Fine – an initiative focused on improving children’s health through fitness and nutrition education.

With JLL launching our new Issue Based Community Impact (IBCI), what are ways you see the League impacting education in our community?

I think it is a great way to focus on a certain area that needs constant development. So many of us in the League are mothers, and education is at the top of my list. As a mother, I want the best to be given to my children as well as the others in our community. The more we can help, the better the future of our city.

If you know someone interested in JLL, what would you tell them?

It is a great opportunity for a woman to grow professionally as well as personally. The connections you can make are endless, and the rewards that you receive for doing things to help others are irreplaceable.


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