Feature: Lindy Street | #IAmJLL

Past and present members make Junior League of Louisville run. We are excited to feature Lindy Street this week for our #IAmJLL campaign.

President, 1990-91
When did you join JLL?
I joined as a provisional in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1980. I transferred to New Orleans in 1983 and to Louisville in 1985.

What were some of the things you enjoyed most about your time with the League?
I enjoyed training board members of non-profit organizations when I was a member of the New Orleans League. As president of JLL, I devoted my year to membership training. I spent time with each committee to encourage team building and focus on the current projects in the community in which we were involved.
What did you personally learn/gain while being involved in JLL?
Some of my best memories are working and volunteering with the women that gave their time to the League. It was also the best management and leadership training I received anywhere. As president of JLL, I learned invaluable leadership and management skills that have served me well to this day. In my paid working life, my experience with the League prepared me for the responsibility I assumed as senior vice president ofmarketing and public affairs for Columbia/HCA. I also learned the importance of motivating and engaging people. Everyone in the League is a volunteer. You can’t hire or fire volunteers; you engage and motivate the members.
How do you feel JLL impacts the community?
The League is a powerful resource for well-trained volunteers for all types of non-profit agencies. We are a resource for new ideas and initiatives, as demonstrated by some of the non-profits that were founded by JLL. You also won’t find more qualified and dedicated volunteers.
If you know someone interested in JLL what would you tell them?
There is a line in the movie Pretty Woman, that Julia Roberts makes, which I think applies to becoming a member of JLL: “It’s a mistake, bigga mistake” not to get involved with JLL. The training, the opportunity to meet dedicated and talented women, and the exposure to various areas of the community and community leaders are just a few benefits League members will experience. Oh, and who can forget learning The Roberts Rules of Order!







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