Stand Up For Girls: September 2014

  JLL Sept14 2The JLL Stand Up for Girls Committee kicked off the year with an event on September 17, 2014, held at the Maryhurst campus. The theme for the evening was “back-to school” and had about 12 young Maryhurst women in attendance and their staff. They enjoyed healthy snacks and drinks while learning about the nutritional benefits of their meals. The JLL committee members supplied fun games covering different subjects that would be covered in the classroom such as math, geography, history and gym. The girls engaged well and shared lots of good laughter over the different answers offered during the games. Each participant also received a fun bag including pens, markers, pencils, erasers, lip-balm, and colorful pony tail holders – all great supplies for the coming year in school. To continue the theme, girls each decorated a notebook and a pencil case with stickers and markers to have as keepsakes from the activity. The night ended with a powerful exercise: all girls had to go around the table and disclose something they want to learn more of in school in the coming year and something special about themselves.

JLL Sept14 3

“The girls really opened up to us during this activity,” said Raluca Loher, committee member. “They were specific about what they thought made each one special and we celebrated with them. Also during this session, we received many heartfelt thanks and handshakes from the young women who all wanted to know when we would be returning to spend more time with them at Maryhurst. I think all JLL members there would agree that it was a great moment receiving acknowledgement that our time is appreciated and that we make a difference.”

The committee plans monthly events between the months of September and May. Each month’s activity is planned by the eight members, with one member being the month’s lead coordinator. The September activity was under the leadership of member Alina Klimkina, who also serves as committee co-chair. Six of the members were in attendance on September 17 to help with the festivities and interact with the Maryhurst teens.

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Committee members:

Chair: Alina Klimkina 

Chair: Lorie Nicols 

Ashley Alexander Hadley 

Courtney Hunt 

Lauren Langley 

Raluca Loher 

Janal Prybys 

Meredith Smith