Featured Project: Stand Up for Girls

Respectfully submitted by Erin Herndon

In January, the Stand Up for Girls committee traveled to one of Maryhurst’s off-campus facilities, the Treasure Home. This facility is for young women transitioning out of Maryhurst; it offers a high degree of structure and support. The program at Treasure Home emphasizes independence from the institutional setting by teaching activities of daily living, use of community resources, participation in community services and pre-employment skills.

With this group of young ladies, we made fleece tie-knot blankets for them to keep in their rooms. There were twelve ladies that participated in the activity. They were able to pick the color blanket they wanted to work on and the committee helped the ladies complete the blanket. The young ladies loved the craft and were excited to use their blankets!


JLL Committee Members: Kristi Culpepper, Raluca Loher, Alina Klimkina, Erin Herndon, Lauren Langley, Courtney Hunt, Fay Kleban, and Kelly Anderson. Lorie Nichols was not pictured.
In February, the Stand Up for Girls committee was back in action at the Maryhurst campus. Inspired by the Membership Enhancement event, decorating cookies with Maggie Hoy, we decided to decorate Valentine’s cookies with the young ladies. Maggie Hoy was nice enough to join us and lend her expertise. The young ladies had so much fun; they enjoyed eating the icing more than anything.

To learn more about Maryhurst and the Stand Up for Girls program, click here.


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