JLL and Estes PR Sample Bluegrass Gatherings to Local Community

The Junior League of Louisville is excited to be working with local media relations firm Estes Public Relations to promote Bluegrass Gatherings. Estes PR—a media relations and marketing firm that caters to the culinary, travel, association and lifestyle industries—will help introduce the League’s newest cookbook to the people of Louisville later this year.

“The Junior League of Louisville has really pulled out all the stops incorporating the flavors of Kentucky along with trends in entertaining and cooking,” said Jamie Estes, founder and president of Estes Public Relations and JLL sustainer. “Bluegrass Gatherings is going to be a real taste of Kentucky hospitality and I am delighted that Estes Public Relations has been selected to represent it to the media.”

Expect to see Bluegrass Gatherings featured in local and national publications, online, and on local media broadcasts. Estes Public Relations will also take part in the cookbook’s launch party, scheduled for March 2013.

You can learn more about Estes Public Relations by following them on Facebook.


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